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[Podcast] 30 years of Dermoscopy with world leading experts – Episode 4

Dermoscopy is certainly a global field, with many of its key players based in locations across the world. This week’s episode of ’30 years of Dermoscopy’ proves that is the case with speakers Professor Giuseppe Argenziano (Italy) and Thorsten Trotzenberg (USA) outlining their distinct experiences, one as an academic and the other as a medical product developer.

Professor Giuseppe Argenziano, from the Second University of Naples, is widely known as one of the founding fathers of dermoscopy. In his fascinating discussion, he shares his incredible formative experiences with dermoscopy and provides a unique insight into the development of Epiluminescence Microscopy (ELM).

Thorsten Trotzenberg co-founded 3Gen LLC in California in late 1999, which led to the launch of the world’s first polarised pocket dermatoscope in 2001. In his illuminating podcast, Thorsten gives an exclusive behind-the-scenes insight into its development journey, conveying the innovative strides made along the way – advances that continue to this day.

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