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[Podcast] 30 years of Dermoscopy with world leading experts – Episode 3

Our journey exploring the fascinating 30-year history of dermoscopy continues this week with episode three. We are fortunate to have engaged the esteemed Professor Harald Kittler from the Medical University of Vienna in Austria and Associate Professor Caterina Longo from the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia in Italy to discuss their involvement with dermoscopy.

Both speakers offer their unique viewpoints and advice on dermoscopy, with Professor Kittler recounting his very early experiences with the technology during its development phase as a huge stereo microscope at the Medical University of Vienna in 1986. Associate Professor Longo came to dermoscopy more recently in 2012 by way of the large clinic where she worked in Italy. She was greatly inspired by the enthusiasm of her mentors there, which led to her focus on dermoscopy both academically and clinically.

This podcast episode reflects on the remarkable changes in dermoscopy over time and highlights our current rapid move into a phase of digitised dermoscopy.

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