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GP Update: Bringing GPs up to speed in one day!

Do you want a quick and easy refresher on all topics relevant to your day-to-day practice? The GP Update course collates all the latest literature and current guidelines pertinent to primary care into an easy-to-digest format, bringing you up to speed in just one day!

GP Update

Most general practitioners are expected to consult patients day-in and day-out while still keeping on top of countless journal articles and revisions to primary care guidelines. The GP Update takes away the stress of trawling through research, because the program is delivered by real-life GPs who comb through the latest literature so you won’t have to.

PLUS participants receive a bonus 250-page handbook – an easy reference guide to keep on your desk.

The video below provides a sneak peek of what the GP Update program has to offer. Around 50 per cent of all GPs in the UK attend the course each year – they find it extraordinarily valuable and we hope you will too!


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