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New Eczema Treatment Puts Sufferers Into Remission

A new eczema treatment approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration has been shown to put chronic sufferers into remission.

In a two-year trial of the drug Dupixent, some patients’ eczema completely disappeared within eight weeks.

Dupixent is a form of biologics: antibodies manufactured in genetically modified yeast cultures that disrupt molecular targets.

During the trial, 85 per cent of patients experienced a 50 per cent reduction in symptoms of atopic dermatitis. Combined with a topical steroid treatment, these patients entered 100 per cent remission.

Eczema can profoundly detriment sufferers’ quality of life, leading to self-esteem issues that manifest into reclusiveness, anxiety and depression. Effective therapies are limited, and a new treatment for the condition has not been released in over 15 years.

Dupixent is a “safer long-term solution”, according to the researchers who conducted the trial. However, it is yet to be listed on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, which would bring its cost down to $37 per prescription.

Dupixent is indicated for the treatment of moderate to severe atopic dermatitis in adult patients who are candidates for chronic systemic therapy.

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