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New Restrictions On ‘Cosmetic Surgeon’ Title

The title ‘cosmetic surgeon’ will be heavily restricted under a new proposal by Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt. The restriction aims to stop medical practitioners who are not specialised surgeons from misleading their customers.

The Federal Minister will refer to the Medical Board of Australia to restrict the use of the title ‘cosmetic surgeon’ to those who are qualified in plastic surgery, as improper use of the title can create an impression that a practitioner holds specialist registration as a surgeon.

An article in The Saturday Telegraph in September revealed that medical school graduates were calling themselves cosmetic surgeons after completing a half-day training course in breast enhancements and botulinum toxin, while others were practicing without a licence.

Health Minister Greg Hunt said that the safety of patients is paramount, and that the proposal is an attempt to shut down “people with syringes and chemicals doing things to people who don’t understand the dangers”.

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