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How To Provide A Positive Cosmetic Consultation

Client consultations are an important first step in any cosmetic procedure – whether it be in a cosmetic clinic, doctor’s office, beauty salon or spa. The consultation sets the tone for the client’s whole experience and the level of trust they develop with you, and even influences whether they chose to put their cosmetic needs into your hands. What can you do to make that consultation a positive one?

1. The first meeting
The first meeting is important for building rapport with your client. A positive connection will develop trust between the two of you, so offer a warm and happy greeting and try to connect with the client on a personal level. Consider your body language and your position in the room, ensuring you are both sitting face-to-face and can clearly see each other. Connect with your client by using their name, maintaining eye contact, and speaking in language they understand.

2. Ask questions
It is important to gather the right information about what your client really needs. Learn about their job and lifestyle, ask open questions, and encourage them to open up to you. Find out what it is that they really want – what worked in the past, what do they like, what are they trying to achieve? Understand what their desired outcome would look like and get to know the specifics, such as their daily skin routine and the brand of products they use.

3. Use visual aids
You are working on your client’s appearance, so photos are a great way to communication what you are both aiming for. Photos can also be used to document your client’s progress as you can review them together along the journey. This helps determine how you’re tracking towards their goals and if you have delivered what they asked for.

4. Keep records
Remembering details helps create the perfect client consultation. For first-time clients, you will need to record everything you learn in that first meeting. For regular clients, you need a database of their entire history. Creating an overall positive experience for your client is more achievable when you can easily access their personal information with one quick reference.

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