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Cosmetic Trends Among Australian Women

A new survey has found that Botox is the most desired non-cosmetic procedure among “aesthetically aware” Australian women. This year’s MyFaceMyBody Global Consumer Insight Report offered in-depth research into cosmetic trends and consumer behaviour in the UK, US and Australia. It found that over 13 percent of Australian women would consider anti-wrinkle injections, and nearly 12 percent would consider fillers.

The survey of 15,000 “aesthetically aware” women is the first of its kind and gives a snapshot of the mindset of the aesthetic consumer, the company says. It reveals cosmetic trends as well as consumers’ opinions on treatments and their reasons for seeking aesthetic enhancement procedures.

The report found that most people research their treatments on the internet and in magazines, and that people in Australia and the US are more likely than their UK counterparts to talk openly about aesthetic treatments with their friends.

Of the three countries surveyed, Australian respondents are the most likely to undergo surgery, with 80 percent saying they would consider surgical treatments compared to 73 percent in the US and 70 percent in the UK. The most desired procedure in Australia is a breast augmentation, while Americans prefer a tummy tuck, and consumers in the UK want a facelift. Eighty-five percent of people in the UK and Australian markets would consider having a body shaping treatment compared to 76 percent of US consumers.

Skin tightening is of huge interest in Australia, with 93 percent of respondents saying they would consider the procedure. Preventing the signs of ageing is the number one motivator of Australian consumers, while price is the biggest factor preventing women from undergoing treatment. Unnatural results and the fear of something going wrong were also high on the caution list.

The top skin concerns for Australians are sun damage, uneven skin tone, dry skin and pigmentation. Over a third of respondents said they purchase skin care every three months, while a quarter buy monthly. The survey also indicated cosmetic trends in favour of Botox injections; 13 percent of Australian women have dermal fillers annually and 19 percent receive anti-wrinkle injections every three months.

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