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Growing Trend in Cosmetic Procedures for Men

Growing trend in cosmetic procedures for men: an increasing number of men would consider a cosmetic procedure, according to a survey by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

The world’s largest association of facial plastic surgeons surveyed 618 men about their attitudes towards personal cosmetic maintenance. Thirty-one percent said they were “extremely likely” to consider a surgical or non-surgical procedure. Forty-four percent of the participants would consider getting treatment to feel better about themselves, while 31 percent would do so to please a partner.

The participants described aesthetic edits as becoming mainstream for men – no longer reserved for women and celebrities. The survey results suggested that procedures such as wrinkle-eliminating injections and laser skin resurfacing are a fast way for men to stay competitive in a youth-driven dating world and workplace. In fact, 31 percent of participants wanted to look less tired and 25 percent would consider a procedure to remain competitive in their job.

Hair is the biggest area of concern, with 60 percent of men saying they are most bothered by their lack of hair. Forty-four percent were worried about their skin and eyes, but only 22 percent wanted to improve the appearance of their chin and neck. Just 19 percent of men were concerned by forehead wrinkles.

Men born after 1996 lead the way in the aesthetic-friendly frontier. Of the 31 percent who were “extremely likely” to get a cosmetic procedure, 34 percent were 18-24 years old. Their goal is to maintain their youthful appearance – an approach that is now widely accepted thanks to advances in minimally invasive technologies and a positive shift in attitudes about plastic surgery.

However, even with the non-invasive options available, 46 percent of men were concerned about the risks associated with cosmetic procedures.

(June 22, 2017.) Prime International Journal of Aesthetic and Anti-Ageing Medicine. Press release in Cosmetic Medicine.

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