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Filling, Lifting or Blepharoplasty?

Plastic surgeon Fred Fedok describes in this article the treatment options available to address the changes brought about by ageing to the lower eyelid, lid-cheek junction and nasolabial folds: filling, lifting or blepharoplasty.

Management of the midface has important aesthetic and functional implications, and the dynamics of the ageing process in this area include skin laxity, loss of support of the lower eyelid and soft cheek tissues, volume loss, and bone loss.

The manifestations of the ageing process are different in different age groups and among patients with variable underlying inherited characteristics. There are both surgical and nonsurgical options for correction of abnormalities, and interventions are chosen based on the anatomic problem. There is a role for the use of fillers, fat transfer, lifting procedures, and placement of implants, such as with skeletal abnormalities. Patients’ most favourable outcomes are produced when the proper diagnosis is coupled with the best combination of techniques for each individual patient.

The article surmises that there are several interventions available for the rejuvenation of the ageing midface and patients are now benefitting from the many advances for the correction of age-related concerns. The ability to provide the early and initial correction of volume deficiencies has dramatically changed the approach to the area. When such volume corrections are coupled with other interventions, such as blepharoplasty and midface lifting, the spectrum of midface ageing can be comprehensively approached and successfully improved.

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Source: PRIME Journal
Authors: Fred Fedok

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