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Rosacea Guidelines: Diagnosis, Classification and Assessment

A study sought to reach consensus on the diagnosis, classification and severity evaluation of rosacea, by developing global rosacea guidelines. Rosacea is currently diagnosed by consensus-defined primary and secondary features and managed by subtype. However, individual features can span multiple subtypes, which has implications for clinical practice and research. Adopting a phenotype-led approach may help patient-centred management.

Seventeen dermatologists and three ophthalmologists used a modified Delphi approach to reach consensus on statements regarding aspects of rosacea diagnosis, classification and severity evaluation.

Consensus was achieved for moving to a phenotype-based approach for rosacea diagnosis and classification. The following two features were independently considered diagnostic for rosacea: (i) persistent, centrofacial erythema associated with periodic intensification; and (ii) phymatous changes. Flushing, telangiectasia, inflammatory lesions and ocular manifestations were not considered to be individually diagnostic. The panel reached agreement on dimensions for phenotype severity measures and established the importance of assessing the patient burden of rosacea.

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Source: British Journal of Dermatology
Authors: J. Tan, L.M.C. Almeida, A. Bewley, B. Cribier, N.C. Dlova, R. Gallo, G. Kautz, M. Mannis, H.H. Oon, M. Rajagopalan, M. Steinhoff, D. Thiboutot, P. Troielli, G. Webster, Y. Wu, E.J. van Zuuren and M. Schaller

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