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Link Between Nutrition and Skin Ageing

Beauty comes from the inside. The link between nutrition and skin ageing – or rather the effect of nutrition on skin ageing – has been an interesting research field not only for scientists but also a common field of interest for humans throughout the years, from ancient times to nowadays. Skin ageing consists of two didactically independent, clinically and biologically, distinct processes.

The first is intrinsic skin ageing, which represents chronological ageing and affects the skin in the same pattern it affects all internal organs. The skin as a mirror of the ageing process in the human organism–state of the art and results of the ageing research in the German National Genome Research Network 2 (NGFN-2). The second is extrinsic skin ageing, which we view as aged skin and is the result of external factors and environmental influence, mainly chronic sun exposure and ultraviolet (UV) irradiation but also smoking, pollution, sleep deprivation and poor nutrition.

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Source: Taylor & Francis Online
Authors: Silke K. Schagen, Vasiliki A. Zampeli, Evgenia Makrantonaki and Christos C. Zouboulis

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