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Research Review on Dermatology [February 3]

A phase 2 dose-escalation RCT comparing three strengths of sirolimus gel and placebo for facial angio bromas in the tuberous sclerosis complex begins this research review on dermatology. This is followed by a randomised trial demonstrating the bene cial effects of NB-UVB (narrow-band UVB) and PUVA (psoralen plus UVA) in managing steroid-dependent, antihistamine-refractory chronic urticaria. In other RCTs included, IVIG (intravenous immunoglobulin) was found to be bene cial in the treatment of steroid-resistant bullous pemphigoid, as was gabapentin for haemodialysis patients with uraemic pruritus.

Featured in this issue:

  • Topical sirolimus for facial angiofibromas in the tuberous sclerosis complex
  • NB-UVB and PUVA beneficial in severe chronic urticaria
  • Statins increase herpes zoster risk
  • Maculopapular exanthema and DRESS overlap among cutaneous adverse drug reactions
  • IVIG for bullous pemphigoid
  • Rosacea and GI disorders
  • Treating/preventing atopic eczema: analysis of systematic reviews from 2014
  • Ingenol mebutate gel for clearing AKs
  • Low-histamine diet for chronic spontaneous urticaria
  • Gabapentin in haemodialysis patients with uraemic pruritus

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