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[3 min watch] Benefits of PRP and how to integrate it into your practice

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What are the benefits of Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy for you and your patients, and how can you get started integrating PRP into your practice? In this short video, Skin Cancer & Aesthetic Medicine Doctor Di King speaks about the benefits of adding PRP treatments into your primary care practice, and how you can start […]

[1 min watch] Top suturing techniques to master in primary care

suturing techniques

What are the most important suturing techniques to master as a GP, primary care or skin cancer doctor? In this brief video, Dr Peter Grossberg covers the most important procedures including the simple interrupted suture and the mattress suture.

[2 min watch] Tips to manage common skin cancer surgery complications

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surgery complications

In this short video, Dr Tony Dicker offers his top tips for managing common skin cancer surgery complications you might encounter as a GP, primary care or skin cancer doctor.

[4 min watch] Top tips for catching difficult melanomas

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“Even the best decision-making algorithms are not going to catch all the melanomas!” Skin Cancer Doctor Hamilton Ayres offers his top tips for catching difficult melanomas, especially those that don’t display many clues.

[2 min read] How does sunscreen prevent photoageing?


Sun damage is a common skin concern seen in primary care – from sunburns to pigmentation, sun spots, wrinkles and skin cancers. Research Review‘s latest educational series focuses on sunscreen and photoageing, with expert commentary by dermatologists. It explores the mechanisms of skin photoageing and the role of sunscreen as an adjunctive sun protection measure […]

[2 min read] Is psoriasis associated with increased risk of skin cancer?


Is psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis associated with an increased risk of cancer? A recent review looked at the association and risk of cancer in patients with these conditions.

[3 min read] 5 common treatments for non-melanoma skin cancer


Non-melanoma skin cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in Australia, with around 800,000 confirmed cases each year. General practitioners alone have over one million skin cancer-related consultations annually, with lesion diagnosis being among patients’ most common skin concerns in primary care. The two main types of non-melanoma skin cancer are:

[5 min watch ] How to surgically remove a lipoma

In this video, watch a short demonstration by one of our expert surgical presenters on how to safely remove a lipoma in primary care.

Webinar + Q&A: Answering your questions on course delivery and exams!


Are you looking at CPD education opportunities but not sure what’s required? In this webinar, our team provides a quick online session with Q&A with your colleagues to learn more about our university-assured certificate courses for GPs, focusing on face-to-face and online course delivery options and examination requirements.

[21 min watch] How to deliver an aesthetic skin consultation

Patient consultations are an important first step in any medical or cosmetic skin procedure. The consultation sets the tone for the patient’s whole experience and the level of trust they develop with you, and even influences whether they chose to put their needs into your hands. Additionally, the consultation provides you with patient history and […]