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[3 min read] Do sweat-resistant sunscreens impede natural sweating?


Sunscreen is an important tool in protecting the skin against sun damage, which can cause complications such as pigmentation, wrinkles and skin cancer. Sweat-resistant sunscreens are recommended for patients who are outside on hot summer days or who do physical activity outdoors, so that sweating will not remove or compromise the protection. But do sweat-resistant […]

[3 min read] Tofacitinib for chronic plaque psoriasis

tofacitinib psoriasis

For patients with moderate to severe chronic plaque psoriasis, what is the long-term safety and durability of efficacy of tofacitinib?

[3 min read] Psoralen-ultraviolet A for hand eczema treatment

hand eczema

Can hand eczema be effectively treated with psoralen-ultraviolet A? Hand eczema is a common inflammatory dermatosis that causes significant patient morbidity. Studies comparing psoralen–ultraviolet A with narrowband ultraviolet B have been small, non-randomised and retrospective.

[3 min read] Dietary fibre lowers patients’ risk of diet-related diseases

dietary fibre

Observational studies and clinical trials conducted over nearly 40 years have revealed the health benefits of eating at least 25-29 grams of dietary fibre a day.

[5 min read] Hydrogen peroxide to treat seborrhoeic keratoses

hydrogen peroxide for seborrhoeic keratoses

Seborrhoeic keratoses affect all racial groups and commonly appear after the age of 40. Approved topical treatments for the skin condition are an unmet need, so a study in the US evaluated the safety and efficacy of 40% hydrogen peroxide topical solution (HP40) versus vehicle for the treatment of seborrhoeic keratoses.

[3 min read] 5-year follow-up of methotrexate and azathioprine for atopic dermatitis

atopic dermatitis

A recent study in the Netherlands was the first to look at long-term oral treatment for atopic dermatitis. It investigated long-term effectiveness, safety and drug survival of methotrexate and azathioprine.

[WEBINAR] The 7 pillars of a successful skin cancer practice

webinar 1

Do you know the secret to building a successful skin cancer practice? In this month’s webinar with our CEO Paul Elmslie, we talked about the seven pillars of a successful skin cancer practice, which, when executed correctly, can help build a great workplace for your staff, delight your patients, and carry your practice above the […]

[8 min read] Treating acne in pregnancy

acne in pregnancy

Acne vulgaris affects around 85 per cent of Australians at some stage of their lives. Acne is an inflammatory skin condition that can cause significant damage to the skin, ranging from skin congestion to permanent scarring. It is a condition commonly seen in general practice and can greatly affect a patient’s physical, emotional and mental […]

[2 min read] Complementary and alternative medicine psoriasis


Patients are always keen to try complementary approaches to their skin disorders, and it is useful for primary care practitioners to have some evidence-based advice for these patients. In fact, up to 51 per cent of patients with psoriasis report the use of complementary and alternative medicine in their treatment regimen, although it has hitherto […]

[4 min read] Immunotherapy for alopecia


At what rate is contact immunotherapy associated with satisfactory hair regrowth in patients with alopecia areata? Contact immunotherapy with diphenylcyclopropenone or squaric acid dibutyl ester is a preferred treatment for severe alopecia areata; however, the defined criteria for therapeutic hair regrowth and regrowth rate have been highly heterogeneous across studies. An analysis aimed to summarise […]