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[WEBINAR] How to manage lumps and bumps in general practice


In this webinar, Dr Peter Grossberg, Senior Surgeon and Lecturer at the Box Hill Hospital Melbourne, shares tips and techniques on how to safely and effectively remove a wide range of lumps and bumps in general practice.

[4 min read] Offering thread lifts in your practice

thread lifts

Cosmetic services are an ever-expanding market for medical practitioners, with Australians now spending over $1 billion on aesthetic procedures every year. Increasingly more patients are seeking skin repair and rejuvenation services and skilled practitioners to deliver them.

[WEBINAR] Starting out in skin cancer work


In this webinar, Paul Elmslie, Founder and CEO of National Skin Cancer Centres and HealthCert, outlined the essential steps for starting out in skin cancer work, including room set-up, equipment, workflow, billing and management.

[WEBINAR] How I introduced cosmetic services into my practice

In this webinar, Dr Isabelle Jonsson-Lear outlined the steps she took to integrate aesthetic services into her general and skin cancer practice, including set-up, marketing, staff and equipment.

[5 min read] Treating varicose veins in primary care with sclerotherapy

varicose veins

Varicose veins are common among Australian women, especially affecting the elderly and pregnant populations. However, the condition is also often seen in men, with up to 30 per cent of Australian men suffering from varicose veins in their lifetime.

[WEBINAR] Medical Nutrition Management with Prof Liz Isenring, Bond University

medical nutrition management webinar

Professor Liz Isenring, Head of Bond University’s Master of Nutrition and Dietetic Practice program, discusses why Medical Nutrition Management is the must-know information for GPs wanting to address underlying conditions and work towards solutions that will improve patient outcomes.

[WEBINAR] Hints for skin cancer surgery below the knee

skin cancer surgery

In this webinar, Dr Tony Dicker discussed performing skin cancer surgery in the difficult area below the knee with practical hints and tips for best results.

[7 min read] 3 marketing problems GPs face starting out in aesthetics


Due to the popularity and expanding growth of cosmetic procedures in Australia, many medical practices are venturing into aesthetics to meet the rising patient demand in cosmetic injectables and other skin repair and rejuvenation services. For many, this is the beginning of a positive experience which produces growth in non-Medicare revenue. However, there are some […]

[3 min read] Non-surgical treatment for gummy smile

gummy smile

Patients who have a ‘gummy smile’ – a smile that shows a large portion of their gums whenever they talk, smile or laugh – often report that they hold back from expressing themselves because they feel self-conscious about showing too much of their gums. There is, however, a quick and effective procedure that can correct […]

[3 min read] Does physician attire affect patient experience?

physician attire

Does physician attire affect patient experience? Studies have proven that improving the patient experience leads to higher patient satisfaction, increased adherence to treatment and clinical outcomes. Whether a physician’s attire can affect the patient experience is unknown, so a study examined patient perceptions, expectations and preferences regarding physicians’ dress.