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Medicinal Cannabis FAQs: Conditions medicinal cannabis can treat

medicinal cannabis

[10 min watch] With the launch of our new online Professional Diploma of Medicinal Cannabis program – the first university-reviewed program in medicinal cannabis for doctors in Australia – Dr Joe Kosterich recently held an insightful webinar on the uses and benefits of medicinal cannabis in primary care.

[Podcast] Cosmetic injectables, adverse reactions & practitioners support

adverse reactions

In this insightful podcast, Elena Currie (Co-founder, Aesthetic MET) talks about cosmetic injectables, adverse reactions, and how medical practitioners can get support with managing complications.

[5 min read] Gut microbiome: Prebiotic and probiotic treatments

gut microbiome

Our knowledge of the human gut microbiome has grown rapidly in the last decade. Compelling evidence supports the use of probiotic and prebiotic treatments to support health and wellbeing in primary care settings.

[3 min watch] How to support patients through a primary care surgical procedure

support patients

In this short video, Dr Peter Grossberg takes us through his top three tips to support patients through a surgical procedure in the primary care setting:

[8 min read] Common pigmentary conditions presenting in general practice

pigmentary conditions

Pigmentary conditions present as discolouration of the skin. Typically in the form of patches, blemishes, spots, or freckles. The affected areas can be darker or lighter than the surrounding skin.

[7 min read] Ultra-processed food consumption and all-cause mortality

takeaway ultra processed food

[Nutrition Research Review] Ultra-processed food consumption is associated with increased risk of all-cause mortality and cardiovascular mortality in the Moli-sani Study. Worldwide, the consumption of processed foods is on the rise, leading to a range of health implications. It is well evidenced that a healthier diet is one that is based on whole foods and […]

[8 min read] A practical approach to pregnant patients presenting with skin rash in a primary care setting

pregnancy dermatoses

For many women, pregnancy can mean lots of changes in their bodies. Fluctuating hormones and growing bellies can cause pregnancy dermatoses. It’s important to know which of these dermatoses may be dangerous, especially to both mum and baby. Because general dermatology may not always be readily available in remote regions, primary care doctors have an […]

[3 min watch] When to use non-surgical treatments for skin cancer


While surgical excision is usually the first choice for treating skin cancer, there are times when a non-surgical approach is favourable. In this short video, HealthCert presenter and Skin Cancer Doctor Hamilton Ayres talks about the different non-surgical options and situations where these might be appropriate.

[Podcast] Digital imaging and the current landscape of skin cancer care | Conversations with Professor David Wilkinson

digital imaging

Welcome to our podcast series Conversations with Professor David Wilkinson! In this episode, Professor David Wilkinson speaks with Dr Jeremy Hudson (Skin Cancer Doctor and Chair of Dermatology SI RACGP) about the current landscape of skin cancer care, including digital imaging and its impact on the work of GPs and skin cancer doctors.

Treating Neck Skin Lines With Hyaluronic Acid Filler

hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid fillers are emerging as a possible treatment for the rejuvenation of skin beyond just the face. Horizontal skin lines on the neck are among the most obvious signs of ageing. Wrinkling, loss of moisture and thinning of the skin, coupled with a weakening of the neck muscles, result in vertical or horizontal bands […]