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[2 min watch] Top 3 tips for decreasing pain from injections


Do you see patients with a fear of needles? In this short video, Dr Tony Dicker provides his top three tips for decreasing pain from injections and making procedures more pleasant for your patients.

[5 min read] Can vitamin B3 reduce non-melanoma skin cancer risk?

vitamin B3

Skin cancer has been dubbed Australia’s ‘national cancer’, accounting for four times as many diagnoses as all other cancers put together. Finding ways to prevent skin cancer is a hot topic, and was the subject of a study conducted by a research team at the University of Sydney. As it is known that UV radiation […]

[2 min read] What are micro-injectables?


Have you heard of “micro-injectables” – the latest trend in aesthetics? For many doctors practising cosmetic medicine, the focus has always been on achieving a natural look for their patients. So when it comes to anti-wrinkle injections, the so-called micro-injectables method has actually been the norm for a while.

[2 min read] Ruddiness, rosacea and redness

Do you see patients who suffer from a ruddy complexion, redness, rosacea, visible veins, or skin that flushes easily? They might struggle to find ways to improve their symptoms, especially during warm weather, pregnancy, and as they get older.

[2 min read] Melanoma & UV exposure in people of colour | Prof David Wilkinson

This month, we look at an interesting paper and associated commentary that examines the relationship between melanoma and UV exposure in people with coloured skin. This is relevant to skin cancer medicine practice in many different countries.

Happy Holidays from HealthCert!

happy holidays

The year 2020 has been an interesting ride for all of us! Some of the main changes at HealthCert Education include our new course delivery format moving from large education events to online learning with small local workshops, the release of the highly requested program in Women’s Health and the launch of the HealthCert Community […]

[8 min watch] Skin Cancer Update with Professor Giuseppe Argenziano | December 2020

In the final skin cancer update of a four-part series, Professor Giuseppe Argenziano analyses real-life cases for the six benign features he recommends looking for while diagnosing facial lesions, including pigmented scales and white follicles.

[3 min watch] Understanding Medicare billing item numbers

As Medicare continues to implement changes to their procedures and billing item numbers, it is important for general practitioners to understand how these changes might impact daily work. For example, the removal of item number 30195 in November 2018 effected many doctors who used this number to treat solar keratosis with a diathermy device.

[6 min read] Rosacea triggers and treatments


Around the ages of 30 to 50, many patients notice a persisting red flush across their nose and cheeks. It can look like acne, with redness, bumps, and slight swelling. This is most likely a skin condition called rosacea.

[WEBINAR] 2020 CommBank GP Insights Report

GP Insights Report

In this webinar, CommBank presents its 2020 GP Insights Report, helping doctors and practice owners to gain important insights into patient satisfaction, practice loyalty, and areas that drive patient measurement of quality of care.