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[5 min read] Uncovering the microbiome: prebiotics, probiotics & postbiotics


icrobiomeThe composition of our gut microbiota changes throughout our lifetime based on our environment, the foods we eat, our lifestyle, medications, and more. Patients’ dietary choices can have a significant influence on the health of their gut which in turn can impact their overall health. Prebiotics, probiotics, and postbiotics all help to regulate the microbiota […]

[4 min watch] Primary care treatment protocol for acne & acne scarring

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How do you manage patients with acne? In this short video, Dr Helena Rosengren gives her practical advice for treating acne and acne scarring in the primary care setting.

[5 min read] Supporting patients with unplanned pregnancy

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unplanned pregnancy

Unplanned pregnancy is common, with an estimated one third of women in Australia having an unexpected or unintended pregnancy at some point in their lifetime. Since the general practitioner is often the first place a woman turns to after finding out they are pregnant, it’s important to remain open-minded and non-judgemental when faced with this […]

[Podcast] Payroll tax changes for medical practices

payroll tax

Are you prepared to navigate the upcoming changes to payroll tax for medical practices? In this latest podcast, Paul Elmslie (Founder & CEO, HealthCert Education and National Skin Cancer Centres) and Matt Woollard (COO, National Skin Cancer Centres) discuss the proposed changes and share a few tips to possibly safeguard your practice.

[5 min read] Vitamin D: The sunshine vitamin

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vitamin D

Did you know that 1 in 3 Australian adults have inadequate levels of vitamin D (1)? Vitamin D is considered the “sunshine vitamin” because our bodies produce it after sun exposure, specifically to UVB light (2). It plays a role in hormone regulation; supports healthy immune function; and regulates the absorption of calcium for the […]

Prof Harald Kittler’s 10 pearls of wisdom in dermoscopy

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Catch Professor Harald Kittler’s top 10 pearls of wisdom in dermoscopy! We caught up exclusively with Prof Kittler to learn his top tips and expert advice on dermoscopy for the diagnosis of skin lesions, including how to start out in the field, the most common mistakes he sees in beginners, advice for managing nodular and […]

Research summary: Artificial Intelligence and skin cancer diagnosis

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artificial intelligence

We have all heard about the recent and rapid developments of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and many of us have tried using ChatGPT for a range of purposes. Clearly, the world is changing rapidly (again) and we need to think about what the implications are for medicine.

[5 min read] How to manage pityriasis rosea

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pityriasis rosea

In their practice, primary care doctors frequently encounter skin-manifesting symptoms caused by various conditions. One common skin condition is pityriasis rosea, a rash that usually affects young adults. In this article, we will go over what pityriasis rosea is, how to diagnose it, and the treatment options available.

How to sign up & access your CPD activities with HealthCert

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how to sign up

In this video, we will show you a quick step-by-step guide on how to easily sign up and access your CPD activities with HealthCert Education’s new learning management system, available at learn.healthcert.com.

4 CPD hacks for GPs with HealthCert 365

CPD hacks

We asked Dr Terry Harvey – a GP with a special interest in skin cancer practising on the Sunshine Coast – to walk us through his real first impressions of the HealthCert 365 platform. He showed us how he uses the platform, gave his honest opinion on the subscription service for use in real-world practice […]