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[5 min read] Top 10 health benefits of omega-3 for your patients


Omega-3 fatty acids have many powerful health benefits for both the body and the brain. So, what are some of the top science-based health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids for your patients?

[5 min read] Does the keto diet work for weight loss?

keto diet

You may have noticed more patients mentioning the ketogenic (or keto) diet in the past few years. It is a low-carb, high-fat eating pattern that has become increasingly popular. But does it work for weight loss? While some research supports the idea that the keto diet can help reduce body fat, long-term studies into its […]

[6 min watch] Skin Cancer Update with Prof Giuseppe Argenziano [January 2020]

skin cancer update

How does clinical history change the way you manage a lesion? In this month’s skin cancer update video, Professor Giuseppe Argenziano shares some concepts about clinical history.

[4 min read] Huge growth in anti-ageing services

anti-ageing services

The global market for anti-ageing services is expected to grow by US$13 billion in the next six years, according to the latest market report. So how is the market changing?

[5 min read] Nicotinamide in the prevention of skin cancer | Prof David Wilkinson

A colleague recently queried about the use of Nicotinamide in the prevention of non-melanoma skin cancers (or, as we should really be referring to them now, keratinocyte cancers [KC]).

[Podcast] 30 years of Dermoscopy with world leading experts – Episode 6

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Dermoscopy Podcast

The final episode in our ’30 years of dermoscopy’ podcast series features two luminaries in the world of dermoscopy and skin cancer medicine, Associate Professor Andreas Blum and Professor H. Peter Soyer. Both speakers are internationally recognised for their contributions to their field and we are excited to share their perspectives.

[Podcast] 30 years of Dermoscopy with world leading experts – Episode 5

Dermoscopy Podcast

What are the origins of the first hand-held dermatoscope? In today’s podcast – the fifth in our ’30 years of Dermoscopy’ series – we hear from the grandson of inventor Helmut A. Heine, Oliver Heine. Joining him in this episode is the distinguished President of the International Dermoscopy Society, Associate Professor Iris Zalaudek.

[3 min read] Surgical ellipse: Are the length-to-width ratio of 3:4 and a vertex angle of 30 ̊ correct?

It has been postulated that elliptical cutaneous excisions must possess a length-to-width ratio of 3:4 and a vertex angle of 30 ̊ or less in order to be closed primarily without creating a “dog ear”. These dimensions became axiomatic in cutaneous surgery and have been taught in the apprenticeship model for years. A study examined […]

[3 min read] Is exercise with compression a more effective treatment for leg ulcers?

leg ulcers

Is an exercise regimen combined with compression more effective at treating venous leg ulcers than just compression alone? Exercise is recommended as an adjuvant treatment for venous leg ulceration to improve calf muscle pump function. However, the association of exercise with leg ulcer healing has not been properly aggregated, and the effectiveness of different exercise interventions […]

[Podcast] 30 years of Dermoscopy with world leading experts – Episode 4

Dermoscopy Podcast

Dermoscopy is certainly a global field, with many of its key players based in locations across the world. This week’s episode of ’30 years of Dermoscopy’ proves that is the case with speakers Professor Giuseppe Argenziano (Italy) and Thorsten Trotzenberg (USA) outlining their distinct experiences, one as an academic and the other as a medical […]