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Research summary: Self-examination for skin cancer detection

self-examination for skin cancer

This month we consider skin self-examination for skin cancer detection. In the latest Melanoma Practice Review my eye was drawn to a paper published in Dermatology reporting on the sensitivity and specificity of self-examination for melanoma.

[18 min watch] Update on treatment of hair diseases in children

hair diseases in children

There have been recent developments in the treatment of hair diseases in children. In this video, Dr Vincenzo Piccolo highlights the latest important updates in the treatment of three common paediatric hair conditions: alopecia areata, tinea capitis, and androgenetic alopecia.

CPD changes in 2023 | Webinar + Q&A Nov 2022

CPD accreditation is changing for all medical practitioners in Australia from 2023. We recently held a short presentation with Q&A to explain the upcoming changes, answer your most common questions about what doctors need to do to prepare, and explore how completing just one HealthCert certificate course will meet your full 50 hours CPD requirement […]

[3 min watch] Must-have equipment for skin cancer surgery

skin cancer surgery

Do you see patients with skin cancer concerns in your primary care practice and would like to provide surgical treatments to address their skin issues in a timely manner? In this short video, Associate Professor Tony Dicker gives expert advice on the must-have equipment a medical practitioner needs to perform skin cancer surgery in a […]

[7 min watch] Three simple rules for diagnosing pink tumours: Part 2

pink tumours

In the second video in a two-part series, Professor Giuseppe Argenziano continues his discussion of three rules for diagnosing pink tumours in primary care, with real patient examples from his own clinic.

[3 min watch] How to address common patient concerns about injectable treatments

patient concerns

Do you see patients in your practice who are uncertain about receiving injectable treatments due to the perceived risks, side effects, or pain? In this short video, Dr Jenny Kimmins explores some of the most common patient concerns about injectable treatments and how she addresses them in the primary care setting.

[5 min read] The MIND diet – Nutrition for dementia

nutrition for dementia

Did you know that dementia affects over 400,000 people living in Australia and almost 50 million people worldwide [1]? Dementia is a term used to describe abnormal changes in the brain. It describes the loss of memory, reasoning, and cognitive abilities, with the most common form being Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Eventually, the symptoms can become so […]

[Podcast] Changes to Medicare item numbers for melanoma


Do you see patients with skin cancer concerns in your practice? In this podcast, Paul Elmslie (Founder & CEO, HealthCert Education and National Skin Cancer Centres) speaks with Matt Woollard (COO, National Skin Cancer Centres) about the recent changes to Medicare item numbers for clinically suspected melanoma.

[Podcast] How to integrate thread lift treatments into your practice

thread lifts

How can you get started providing thread lifts in primary care? In this latest podcast, listen to Dr Helena Rosengren’s expert advice on how thread lifts can be used to address your patients’ cosmetic concerns in the primary care setting, and how you can begin to include this treatment in your service offering.

[3 min watch] Changes to CPD from 2023

CPD changes

CPD accreditation is changing for medical practitioners in Australia from 2023. In this video, Paul Elmslie (Founder & CEO, HealthCert Education) explains the upcoming changes, how it works, and what doctors need to do to prepare themselves and their practice.