[3 min read] Why GPs and skin cancer doctors are best placed to provide aesthetic services

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Why are general practitioners and skin cancer doctors ideally positioned to provide aesthetic services in their practice?

The latest trends in health and skin care result in an increased demand for skin repair and rejuvenation services – and skilled practitioners. Patients with clinical skin conditions prefer to receive these services from a trusted, qualified doctor rather than from a beautician or cosmetic nurse. GPs and skin cancer doctors are optimally placed to provide these services because they already share a high level of rapport with their patients. Continue reading “[3 min read] Why GPs and skin cancer doctors are best placed to provide aesthetic services”

[4 min read] Does laser therapy reduce scarring during wound healing?

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Can laser therapy help to reduce the appearance of scars during wound healing? Recently, various lasers have increasingly been applied during wound healing to minimise scar formation; however, no consensus regarding treatment procedures exists.

A new study assessed scar formation clinically after three non-ablative fractional laser exposures, targeting the inflammation, proliferation and remodelling wound healing phases in patients versus untreated controls. Continue reading “[4 min read] Does laser therapy reduce scarring during wound healing?”

[3 min read] Do cleansers help relieve acne?

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Do over-the-counter cleansers help relieve symptoms of acne? Over-the-counter cleansers and washers are common interventions in acne vulgaris but the clinical evidence for their benefit is poorly understood. Continue reading “[3 min read] Do cleansers help relieve acne?”

[3 min read] Which laser therapy is best for treating melasma?


With recent research suggesting that melasma may have a vascular component, vascular-targeting lasers and light therapies may be a therapeutic option that will benefit patients who suffer from the skin condition in which brown patches appear on the face. Continue reading “[3 min read] Which laser therapy is best for treating melasma?”

Are light therapies effective for treating acne?


There is no clinical evidence to prove the effectiveness of light therapies for the treatment of acne, according to a review published in JAMA Dermatology Clinical Evidence Synopsis.

The American Medical Association journal found that although a wide range of light therapies of different wavelengths, doses and active substances are purported to safely and effectively treat acne, the evidence for all of them “remains weak and inconclusive”. Continue reading “Are light therapies effective for treating acne?”

What is the effect of fluorouracil cream on photoageing?


What is the effect of a standard course of topical fluorouracil cream on photoageing? Photoageing – premature skin ageing caused by long-term UV exposure – is of aesthetic concern to many patients. A study in JAMA Dermatology investigated the effect of topical fluorouracil (five per cent) cream in treating the condition.

The Veterans Affairs Keratinocyte Carcinoma Chemoprevention Trial was a randomised clinical trial of 932 United States veterans with a recent history of two or more keratinocyte carcinomas performed from September 2011 to June 30 2014, to assess the chemo-preventive effects of a standard course of topical fluorouracil. Continue reading “What is the effect of fluorouracil cream on photoageing?”

Using Social Media in Cosmetic Medicine

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Plastic surgeons and cosmetic medicine professionals who use social media to attract patients should know their audience’s preferred social media platforms and the types of posts which generate interest, according to a survey study published in the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery medical journal.

The survey recommends that cosmetic physicians best utilise social media when they consider their target audience’s perspective, including the platforms patients engage with and the content they are most interested in seeing. Continue reading “Using Social Media in Cosmetic Medicine”

How To Provide A Positive Cosmetic Consultation

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Client consultations are an important first step in any cosmetic procedure – whether it be in a cosmetic clinic, doctor’s office, beauty salon or spa. The consultation sets the tone for the client’s whole experience and the level of trust they develop with you, and even influences whether they chose to put their cosmetic needs into your hands. What can you do to make that consultation a positive one? Continue reading “How To Provide A Positive Cosmetic Consultation”

Cosmetics Guru Calls for Beauty Rethink


What do you think characterises a beautiful woman? Jamie Kern Lima – co-founder and CEO of IT Cosmetics – has called on beauty industry leaders to rethink the images of beauty they use to sell their products and services.

Kern Lima was honoured with an Achiever Award at the 2017 Cosmetic Executive Women awards ceremony in New York. She said the recognition was proof that “unattainable images” of beauty are not the key to selling cosmetic products.

Continue reading “Cosmetics Guru Calls for Beauty Rethink”

Cosmetic Trends Among Australian Women


A new survey has found that Botox is the most desired non-cosmetic procedure among “aesthetically aware” Australian women. This year’s MyFaceMyBody Global Consumer Insight Report offered in-depth research into cosmetic trends and consumer behaviour in the UK, US and Australia. It found that over 13 percent of Australian women would consider anti-wrinkle injections, and nearly 12 percent would consider fillers.

Continue reading “Cosmetic Trends Among Australian Women”