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GP Update: Bringing GPs up to speed in one day!

GP Update

Do you want a quick and easy refresher on all topics relevant to your day-to-day practice? The GP Update course collates all the latest literature and current guidelines pertinent to primary care into an easy-to-digest format, bringing you up to speed in just one day!

How to manage gout in everyday clinical practice


Despite being regarded as an easy-to-treat disease, gout diagnosis and management can be challenging for primary care practitioners. A review published recently in the Current Medical Research and Opinion journal discussed current issues in gout management and proposed some potential solutions.

HealthCert Doctors for Development Scholarship: Dr Traoré improving patient outcomes in Guinea

This report was prepared by Dr Ibrahima Traoré of Conakry, based in Guinea, who completed the General Dermatology course through the HealthCert Doctors for Development Scholarship. The program was established to provide access to quality education in the areas of skin cancer medicine and general dermatology for physicians who practise in the world’s least developed countries. To […]

Results of switching of biologics in psoriasis


The efficacy and safety of biologics in the treatment of moderate to severe psoriasis have been established. However, inefficacy or unforeseen adverse events sometimes demand changing the treatment to other biologics. A study in the Journal of Dermatology examined the effectiveness of this strategy.

Oral antidepressants in patients with chronic pruritus

chronic pruritus

Chronic pruritus is a common skin symptom with marked impact on quality of life. Adequate treatment can be challenging for clinicians, demanding the exploration of new treatment options such as oral antidepressants.

Lichen planus affecting the female genitalia

lichen planus

Lichen planus is an inflammatory condition that causes purplish, itchy, flat-topped bumps on the skin. On mucous membranes, the condition forms lacy white patches, sometimes with painful sores. Genital or vulval lichen planus may have a disabling effect on a patient’s quality of life, and evidence-based management guidelines are lacking. A study published in the Journal […]

Allergic contact dermatitis to sunscreen

dermatitis sunscreen

What is the prevalence of allergic contact dermatitis as a reaction to sunscreen chemicals? Previous studies have found that allergic contact dermatitis to sunscreen is rare, although irritant reactions are more common, with reactions to excipients in sunscreens occurring twice as frequently as reactions to sunscreen actives.

[WEBINAR] Do you know how to turn a dissatisfied patient into a happy patient?

webinar 5

Do you know how to turn a dissatisfied patient into a happy patient? In this month’s webinar with our CEO Paul Elmslie, we shared the best approaches for turning dissatisfied patients into happy ones, with tips on how you can measure the NPS score of your practice.

Relevance of Phototherapy in Dermatology Practice


The relevance of phototherapy in current dermatology practice was discussed at the 2018 Dermcoll, the 51st Annual Scientific Meeting of the Australasian College of Dermatologists, which was held in May on the Gold Coast, Queensland.

What ECG changes are associated with hidradenitis suppurativa?

hidradenitis suppurativa

What electrocardiographic (ECG) changes are associated with hidradenitis suppurativa? Hidradenitis suppurativa is a chronic, inflammatory skin disease, recently associated with metabolic syndrome, sub-clinical atherosclerosis and increased risk of cardiovascular disease.