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Dupilumab for Atopic Dermatitis


A study sought to determine the impact of dupilumab on rates of skin and other infections in patients with moderate to severe atopic dermatitis. Atopic dermatitis is characterised by skin barrier defects, T helper type 2 cell activation, and increased risk for cutaneous and extracutaneous infections. In clinical trials, dupilumab appeared to decrease rates of skin […]

Oral vs Topical Isotretinoin in the Treatment of Plane Warts

plane warts

Plane warts are a common therapeutic problem. A study published in the International Journal of Dermatology sought to assess the efficacy and safety of oral versus topical isotretinoin in the treatment of plane warts.

JAK-Inhibitors for Alopecia, Vitiligo and Atopic Dermatitis

chronic pruritus

Patients with severe alopecia areata and vitiligo, along with their treating physicians, have been frustrated by the lack of effective therapies for these two common disorders. Both alopecia areata and vitiligo affect one to two per cent of the population and both have marked negative impacts on quality of life. Further, atopic dermatitis affects up to […]

Will artificial intelligence replace dermatologists?

artificial intelligence

Will artificial intelligence reduce the need for skilled dermatologists in the future? In a commentary recently published in the Conference Review of the 76th American Academy of Dermatology Annual Meeting 2018, Dr S. Swetter discussed whether artificial intelligence will “do us out of a job”.

[WEBINAR]: Do you have an exit strategy from your medical practice?

webinar 3

In this month’s webinar with our CEO Paul Elmslie, we shared the most common exit strategy options for medical professionals. Do you know all your options and potential exit strategies as a practice owner? Preparing your clinic for your retirement can be a difficult task. As you approach this milestone in the near or distant […]

Genital Lesions in Organ Transplant Recipients

genital lesions

What types of genital lesions are found in organ transplant recipients and at what frequency? A study recently published in JAMA Dermatology assessed the prevalence and types of genital lesions observed in organ transplant recipients.

Correctly Diagnosing Dermatomyositis

Differentiating causes of facial erythema can be challenging. A recent article in the 76th Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology Conference Review discussed the importance of recognising clinical clues to correctly diagnose dermatomyositis. Wrong diagnosis leads to mismanagement, sometimes resulting in a fatal outcome for the patient.

Treatment of Prurigo with Methotrexate


Prurigo is a common skin condition characterised by multiple nodules on the backs of the arms and legs that are extremely itchy. Treatment can be very challenging. Methotrexate is effective for the treatment of pruriginous dermatoses, but can it be used for prurigo? A recent study published in the Journal of the European Academy of […]

Can we prevent atopic dermatitis?

atopic dermatitis

The 76th Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology brought together dermatologists and healthcare professionals in dermatology-related specialities from around the world. An interesting question was raised – of particular interest in general practice – as to whether we can prevent atopic dermatitis.

How effective is methotrexate in paediatric alopecia areata?

methotrexate - alopecia

How effective is methotrexate for treating paediatric alopecia areata? A study in the Journal of Dermatological Treatment reviewed the efficacy and safety of methotrexate in 14 paediatric patients with alopecia areata.